MOHAN Foundation

Drive To Save Lives 2.0
Golf Championship​

Harness the power of sport and philanthropy, and be a beacon of hope by
sponsoring the Drive to Save Lives 2.0 Golf Championship.

Envision the life-altering impact you can make, as your sponsorship not only
nurtures positive brand recognition but also bolsters a sense of community.

Welcome to Drive to Save Lives 2.0
Golf Championship


Encounter the largest and the most diverse group of golfers in the region.

Magnificent Venue

Premier 18 hole course within the breathtaking landscape of the historic Madras Gymkhana Club.

Elite Tournament

Exclusive and curated to a customized theme for each event.


MOHAN Foundation is a spirited initiative to create consciousness on organ donation and awareness for the public especially for the needful.

Game Format

2 Ball scrambled format with 100% handicap 3 game plays over a day 120 players.



About MOHAN Foundation

MOHAN Foundation (Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network) is a non-profit organization established in 1997. It is dedicated to promoting the cause of organ donation and transplantation in India. Through its tireless efforts in advocacy,training, public education, and support, the Foundation has ransformed countless lives.

As a sponsor, you have the unique opportunity to align your brand with a noble cause that has a life-altering impact. By associating with MOHAN Foundation, you embrace social responsibility and contribute to a legacy of community welfare,humanity, and hope. Your support is instrumental in making a difference.


About Rotary club of Madras Next Gen

The Rotary club of Madras Next Gen was founded on the 19thof June 2013 with the idea of having the next generation of young entrepreneurs, business men and women come together to make a difference.

The Rotary Club of Madras Next Gen has been strongly concentrating on directly impacting the holistic development of underprivileged children.

Over the years, projects have ranged from direct classes at our tied up government schools, sports training, language classes, skill development, civic and environmental awareness, health camps and more.


Impact of MOHAN Foundation’s work

  • 259 million
: Public sensitized
  • 3,599+
: Grief Counsellors / Transplant Coordinators trained
  • 60,999 +
: Healthcare Professionals trained
  • 2,399 +
: Volunteers trained
  • 10,00000+
: Callers on Toll Free Helpline Counselled
  • 12,999 +
: Healthcare Professionals and Counsellors downloaded Mobile Apps developed for enabling Donor Identification, Certification and Counselling


Taking a 360-degree approach, MOHAN Foundation has been working relentlessly towards.

Raising awareness about organ
donation amongst the public &
healthcare workers

Education & training of medical &
para medical professionals

Working with hospitals to set
systems that enable organ donation
and transplantation

Working with State and Central
Governments to create strong
ecosystems for organ donation

Grief Counselling bereaved
families to consider donating
organs & tissues of their loved ones

Research and Policy Development


Mani Rathnam

Karhun Nanda
Heart Transplant Recipient

Murali Vijay

Anil Srivatsa
Kidney Donor

Jaya Jairam
Kidney Transplant Recipient

Latha Kumaraswamy
Trustee,Tanker Foundation

Amit Prasad
Liver Transplant Recipient

Sudhakar B
Lung Transplant Recipient


Evening Entertainment
Prize Distribution
Food & Beverages


Healthcare Professionals
Ace Golfers
Celebrity Guests
Community Opinion Leaders
Outstanding Sportsperson
Transplant Recipient
Businessman/ Entrepreneur

A remarkable experience as the leaders of the community set an impactful example through participation
and declare support to this virtuous cause