MOHAN Foundation

MOHAN Foundation: Breathing Life into Hope


Life is an invaluable gift, brimming with the ability to breathe, experience emotions, love, and be loved – these constitute just a handful of the innocent delights and marvels that life bestows upon us. However, for some individuals, these pleasures remain out of reach. The failure of a vital organ can place individuals in a precarious state where not only is their life at stake but the quality of life is severely diminished. Many patients awaiting a lifesaving organ transplant are unable to partake in life’s simple joys due to the absence of a compatible organ donor among their loved ones.

MOHAN Foundation, or Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network Foundation, emerged as a beacon of hope for millions waiting with bated breath for that one organ that could imbue them with a new lease on life. The foundation’s mission is unequivocal: to ensure that every Indian grappling with end-stage organ failure has the opportunity to receive the gift of life through deceased organ donation.

MOHAN Foundation was established in 1997 in Chennai, India, at a time when the concept of organ donation was met with apprehension and resistance. Undeterred, the foundation began its advocacy for organ donation in what can be described as an initially hostile environment.

With relentless dedication, MOHAN Foundation has been successful in sowing the seeds of awareness and acceptance for organ donation. Its pioneering work has been instrumental in building a robust network that facilitates organ harvesting and transplantation, ultimately giving individuals the chance to live life in its true essence.

As MOHAN Foundation approaches its third decade of service, its unyielding commitment to saving lives and enriching the quality of life for organ failure patients remains a testament to the profound impact that determination and compassion can have on humanity. Through education, advocacy, and support, MOHAN Foundation continues to serve as a lighthouse for those navigating the stormy seas of organ failure, guiding them towards a horizon where hope thrives and life flourishes.

Donations and Tax Benefits:

MOHAN Foundation not only provides a lifeline to those in dire need but also offers donors an opportunity to gain tax benefits. For donors within India, all contributions made to MOHAN Foundation are eligible for tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. This means that donors can deduct a portion of their donation from their taxable income, making the act of giving even more rewarding.

In addition to local donations, MOHAN Foundation is also registered under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA), allowing it to accept donations from foreign nationals or entities. This enables individuals and organizations across borders to contribute to this noble cause.

For donors in the United States, MOHAN Foundation has a counterpart named MOHAN USA. Donations made to MOHAN USA are eligible for tax exemption under Section 501(c) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. This provision allows donors to not only support the laudable mission of MOHAN Foundation but also to receive tax benefits in the United States.

Through these tax benefits, both the Indian and US governments encourage and support the philanthropic endeavors of individuals and organizations. By contributing to MOHAN Foundation, donors are actively participating in a movement that saves lives and enhances the quality of life for countless individuals, while also availing tax incentives that acknowledge and appreciate their generous contributions.

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